Business Credit Finance Suite

Many entrepreneurs have great ideas, great work ethic, great optimism about the future, but little funding to support these other characteristics to become successful. Major League has partnered with several financial institutions to provide Business Funding programs, the building of Business Credit, and also a Funding Guarantee*. This service also includes personal Premium Credit service for the business owner.

*Certain requirements must be met to qualify for the Guarantee


Apply for Financing

Gain full access to your Business Credit Finance Suite. If you are pre-approved, we will contact you within 1 business day to get you started! That's it! No money out of your pocket and you will just have affordable monthly payments.


One-Time or Short Term Payment Plan

Make a one-time payment and get immediate full acess to the Business Credit Finance Suite. 3 and 6-month payment plans delay full access, but do allow for immediate start to the personal credit program.


Build your Business Credit AND gain access to IMMEDIATE Business Funding!

Apply for business funding today. Issued loan average is $15,000, with $3,495 reserved for the cost of the Business Credit Finance Suite.
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Monthly Payment Immediate Funding Business Credit Builder Personal Credit Education/Restoration $50,000 GUARANTEE LOAN TERM
$375/mo or less $10,000+ YES YES YES 5 years

* Payment amounts vary based on your credit. Always $375 a month or less. Pay $75 applicaton fee and submit for funding approval.

Minimum requirements for this program are as follows:
  • 620 credit score or above
  • $3,400/mo in personal verifiable (1 year with employer if W2).
  • 2 years of 1099 tax returns with $3400/mo if you are a small business owner.
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